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Meet the most dedicated and enthusiastic team that is committed to making a positive experience and providing innovative solutions that add tangible value across service.


Real estate development is a complex journey that requires deep-rooted experience in the realty sector. It requires various co-dependent tasks to come together seamlessly, to see your projects come through, from conception to completion.
RDC specializes in creating a team of dedicated professionals to efficiently guide your projects, meet deadlines, and anticipate and address any unforeseen challenges.


hospitality real estate development is an ever-expanding sector and is predicted to grow rapidly in the upcoming years.
RDC specializes in adept hospitality management consultancy services, right from looking for potential properties to be taken over or managed, to finalizing the acquisition of properties with ease and formulation of strategy about the operational activities of the hotel property. 
  • Feasibility Study & Modelling
  • Hospitality Design Review for Operational strategy
  •  Buy-Hold-Sale Strategy
  • M&A Strategy for Hospitality Asset Class
  • Operator Selection & Management Contract Negotiation
  • Post-Acquisition Asset Management Strategy


A good investment strategy is the base of any real-estate development project to meet its strategic goals and be a viable investment.
The main purpose of financial management is to assist companies while making three vital decisions: investment decisions, financing decisions, and dividend decisions. RDC guides your company to come up with a suitable strategy in line with your short-term and long-term goals and ensures that your project reflects good financial health throughout the project life cycle.  
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Study & Modelling
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cost-Control & Cash Flow Management
  • Risk Management & Financial Reporting
  • Funds Management
  • Establishing an Investment Structure
  • Commercial & Technical Evaluation


At RDC, we understand that the key to a project's success is effective daily operations and proactive marketing. Our team of experts focuses on managing interactions with current, past, and potential customers to build brand equity, increase brand awareness, and position the brand in the market. 

The objective of the sales team is to turn potential clients into paying ones by constructing mutually beneficial agreements, communicating persuasively, and finalizing transactions. They are continually observing the industry, the actions of competitors, and customer feedback to guarantee that the organization maintains its competitive edge.

Implementing sales operations and CRM is crucial for the success of any commercial project. It involves creating policies and procedures, establishing systems, and managing the entire process from contract to handover. It serves as the backbone that supports and executes all commercial plans and strategies to achieve the company's goals and targets.

  • Competitive Analysis, Market & Customer Research 
  • Target Market Identification
  • Integrated Marketing & Communications Strategy 
  • Brand Identity, Positioning & Strategy 
  • Leverage Digital & Creativity to Develop an Offline & Online Communication Mix 
  • Lead Management 
  • Strategic Consulting and Sales Services
  • Sales Journey Creation
  • Sales Operations, from Pre-sales Activities to the Project Handover 
  • CRM Setup and Management 
  • Collection Management 
  • Handover Formalities, Snagging, and DLP Management