Reem Heights, Lahore, Pakistan

The Reem Heights Development, previously known as Lahore Time Square, is a mixed-use, themed real estate development that will be constructed in a prominent location in the city of Lahore. 
The development is real estate strategic plan situated close to the Lahore International Airport and within the extensive DHA Development area, which is considered a highly desirable residential destination. 


Reem Heights: Crafting a Family Oasis in Lahore's Heart

Embracing the vision of a harmonious family-centric lifestyle, Reem Heights seamlessly integrates life and work within a secure and health-focused environment. This real estate development investment prioritizes the creation of top-notch public spaces, fostering a strong connection between interior and open areas, while providing captivating views from every apartment.

Elevating Living Standards: Modern Amenities for Every Resident

Thoughtful Design: High-Quality Public Spaces
Reem Heights sets itself apart by offering meticulously designed public spaces, emphasizing quality and functionality. These areas serve as communal hubs, encouraging interaction and creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

Seamless Integration: Interior Space and Public Open Space

Experience a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living with Reem Heights. The real estate development prioritizes a fluid connection between interior spaces and public open areas, ensuring residents feel a sense of openness and connectivity throughout their daily lives.

Captivating Views: A Panoramic Experience

Every apartment at Reem Heights is designed to provide enchanting views. Whether it's the skyline, lush landscapes, or cityscapes, residents can relish breathtaking vistas that add an extra layer of charm to their living spaces.

Intelligent Infrastructure: Smart Parking and Access Management

Modern Convenience: Smart Parking Solutions
Reem Heights introduces modern smart parking, ensuring a hassle-free experience for residents. Smart parking solutions optimize available space, enhancing accessibility while minimizing congestion.

Secured Access: Managing Vehicles and Logistics

To guarantee the safety and convenience of residents, Reem Heights implements a robust access management system. This system separates general traffic from residents' access and egress, streamlining daily commutes and enhancing overall security

Sustainable Living: A Commitment to Green Practices

Climate-Resilient Design: Smart and Green Neighborhood
Reem Heights embraces sustainability and climate resilience as integral components of its urban design. A comprehensive real estate strategy for a smart and green neighborhood ensures that every aspect of the development contributes to environmental real estate well-being.

LEED Certification: Striving for Gold Standard

With a commitment to eco-friendly practices, Reem Heights aims to achieve a LEED for Cities and Communities with a prestigious GOLD rating. This dedication underscores the development's aspiration to be a benchmark for sustainable urban living

Architectural Inspiration: Blending Themes for Lahore's Essence

City of Towers meets Garden Courtyards

The architectural vision of Reem Heights draws inspiration from the juxtaposition of the City of Towers and Garden Courtyards themes. Implementing the high plinth-block and tower principle, reminiscent of Manhattan's iconic skyline, the design is thoughtfully adapted to Lahore's unique scale.

Reem Heights - Where Vision Meets Lifestyle

In crafting Reem Heights, the emphasis goes beyond mere construction; it's about curating a lifestyle that encapsulates modernity, sustainability, and community. This real estate development stands as a testament to the commitment to provide not just homes but an enriched living experience for families in the heart of Lahore.



Project type
Plot area
197,326 sq. m 
1,183,958 sq. m 
Number of keys
Housing units, Hospitality keys, and hospital beds 
Development cost
 1.5 Billion USD
Ranging from 3B+G+13 to 3B+G+35 
Project status
Project components
  • Residential Towers 
  • Offices Towers 
  • Health Care Center
  • Hotel Guest rooms and apartments 
  • F&B Areas
  • Clubhouses 
  • School
  • Mosque
  • Shopping Mall 
  • Public Spaces for Pedestrians (Residents, Visitors, and all Users)
  • Landscape Areas for Entertainment