Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain

In a commitment to community well-being, the EHD-JH Project stands as a testament to inclusivity, encompassing essential public amenities within its expansive boundaries. From mosques to retail spaces, Family Development Foundation (FDF) buildings, clinics, and various government provisions, this development aims to provide a holistic living experience.

Unveiling a Vision: Plot Area and Emirati Housing Units
Vast Expanse: Total Plot Area of 4,537,997.50 sq.m.
The EHD-JH Project unfolds on a sprawling canvas, spanning a total plot area of 4,537,997.50 sq.m. This generous expanse serves as the foundation for a vibrant and self-sufficient community that integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.

Emirati Residences: 3,000 Housing Units
Within this real estate development investment, 3,000 Emirati housing units take center stage. These residences are more than just homes; they embody the vision of fostering a community that thrives on shared values and mutual respect.

Infrastructure Excellence: Powering the Community
Essential Utilities: Potable Water, Electricity, and Sewage
The EHD-JH Project ensures that the basics are not just met but exceeded. From reliable sources of potable water to a robust electricity grid and efficient sewage systems, residents can expect a seamless integration of essential utilities.

Stormwater Management: Navigating Nature's Forces
Acknowledging the forces of nature, the project incorporates advanced stormwater management, mitigating potential risks and ensuring the community's resilience in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Illuminating Pathways: Street Lighting for Safety
Safety and visibility take precedence with well-placed street lighting. The EHD-JH Project illuminates pathways, ensuring that residents can traverse the community safely, day or night.

Vigilant Protection: Firefighting and Hydrants
The real estate development goes above and beyond by incorporating firefighting measures, complete with strategically placed fire hydrants. This commitment to safety adds an extra layer of protection for the community.

Green Oasis: Landscaping and Irrigation
Nature intertwines with urban living through thoughtful landscaping and irrigation systems. Green spaces are meticulously curated, offering residents a serene environment to unwind and connect with nature.

Connectivity Hub: Telecommunication Networks
In an age where connectivity is paramount, the EHD-JH Project ensures residents stay connected. Cutting-edge telecommunication networks seamlessly link the community to the wider world.

Paved Convenience: Well-Designed Roads
Navigating the community is effortless, thanks to well-designed roads that prioritize efficiency and convenience. The road infrastructure adds to the overall accessibility of the development.

Common Facilities: Spaces for Community Interaction
Community Hub: Gross Floor Area of 39,400 sq.m.
Envisioned as a hub for community interaction, the EHD-JH Project dedicates a substantial gross floor area of 39,400 sq.m. to common facilities. These spaces serve as focal points for social engagement, recreational activities, and shared experiences.

EHD-JH Project - Beyond Development, Fostering Community
The EHD-JH Project goes beyond being a development; it's a community in the making. With its meticulous planning and comprehensive amenities, it aspires to be a nurturing environment where residents not only find homes but also build lasting connections within a vibrant and self-sustaining community
In a commitment to unparalleled real estate luxury development, each villa within the project is meticulously designed, occupying an expansive plot of 30m x 30m (900 sq.m. total plot area). The attention to detail extends to the villa's Gross Floor Area (GFA), totaling 376.72 sq.m., inclusive of dedicated spaces such as the Majlis, Utility Room, and Garbage Room.
Elegance in Dimensions: Spacious Plot
Expansive Living: 30m x 30m Plots
Every villa enjoys the privilege of an extensive plot, measuring 30m x 30m. This generous space not only provides ample room for the residence itself but also allows for the creation of personalized outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall living experience.
Villa Configuration: A Symphony of Spaces
Luxurious Living: 376.72 sq.m. GFA per Villa
Each villa is a masterpiece of design and functionality, boasting a total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 376.72 sq.m. This comprehensive space is intelligently distributed to accommodate the various facets of modern living.
Majlis: A Space for Grandeur
The villa design includes a Majlis, a space dedicated to grandeur and hospitality. Whether for family gatherings or entertaining guests, this area is crafted to exude elegance and sophistication
Utility Room: Practicality Meets Convenience
Emphasizing practicality, the inclusion of a Utility Room adds a layer of convenience to daily living. This space is designed for efficiency, catering to the practical needs of residents.
Garbage Room: Discreet Waste Management
In a commitment to maintaining the pristine surroundings, each villa features a designated Garbage Room. This discreet space ensures that waste management is seamlessly integrated into the villa's design, promoting cleanliness and environmental responsibility.
Conclusion: Villa Living Redefined
With a plot configuration of 30m x 30m and a thoughtfully crafted Gross Floor Area of 376.72 sq.m., each villa within the project is a testament to luxury living. From the gracious Majlis to the practical Utility Room and discreet Garbage Room, these residences are designed to elevate the living experience, offering a harmonious blend of elegance, functionality, and modern convenience.


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Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 1
Project type:
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 2
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 3
Plot area:
4,537,997 sq.m. 
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 4
1,169,560 sq.m. 
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 5
Number of keys:
3000 villas 
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 6
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 7
Project status:
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 8
Development cost:
AED 5.4 Billion 
Jabel Al Hafeet Villas, Al Ain 9
Project components:
  • Villas 
  • Family Development Foundation
  • Health Clinic
  • Commercial: 2 Retail Buildings
  • Education: 2 Schools
  • ADSSC Sewerage Network
  • AADC Water Network
  • Etisalat Telecom Network
  • AACM – Infrastructure: Roads, Street Lighting, Storm water
  • DOT Traffic Signal Network
  • AWQAF: 3 Masjids