Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco

Conrad Rabat Arzana: A Tapestry of Luxury Along Morocco's Atlantic Jewel

Nestled along the enchanting Atlantic coastline, where the ocean whispers and lush greenery dances, Conrad Rabat Arzana emerges as the harbinger of a new era in modern luxurious hotel for the historic city of Rabat.


A Coastal Masterpiece

Picture this: breathtaking ocean views stretching into infinity, framed by nature's verdant embrace. This is the backdrop that Conrad Rabat Arzana paints for its guests. Perched along the scenic Atlantic coastline, this landmark hotel is more than just a stay – it's an immersion into the soul-stirring beauty of Morocco's coastal charm.


The Essence of Modern Luxury

Conrad Rabat Arzana stands as a testament to contemporary opulence in the heart of Rabat. With 120 guest rooms and a regal suite, it seamlessly marries modernity with Moroccan allure. And the location? It's a stone's throw away from the city's cultural nucleus and its most iconic tourist attractions.


In the heart of Rabat, Conrad Rabat Arzana is not merely a hotel; it's an experience with the top  luxury hotel management company curated for those seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural richness.
Conrad Rabat Arzana: Where Design Meets Delight

Inspired by History, Crafted for Luxury

In the heart of Rabat, Conrad Rabat Arzana doesn't just build a luxurious hotel ; it weaves a tale. Drawing inspiration from the city's rich cultural identity, landscape, and history, this haven of luxury stands as a living tribute to Morocco's vibrant past.


Modern Sanctuaries: Your Retreat in Style

Step into your sanctuary within Conrad Rabat Arzana. Guest rooms and suites aren't just spaces; they're modern oases. Custom-designed furniture and palettes of rich cream, deep pine, blue hues, and soft earth tones come together, creating an atmosphere that whispers of both comfort and sophistication.


Unparalleled Services: Butler, Dining, and Beyond

Here, luxurious hotel is not just a word; it's a lifestyle. Picture having a personal butler at your beck and call, ensuring every whim is met. And when it comes to dining, Conrad Rabat Arzana elevates the experience. From the award-winning 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant to the tranquil Feuillage tea and coffee lounge, the vibrant La Brise Brasserie, and the laid-back L'Oursin Pool Bar and Lounge – your taste buds are in for a symphony of flavors.


Wellness and Indulgence

A stay here isn't just about the exterior; it's about nourishing the soul. The Conrad Spa offers a haven for wellness services, accompanied by a 24-hour fitness center for those craving an active escape.


Events in Elegance

Conrad Rabat Arzana isn't just a retreat; it's a top-tier choice for conferences and events. The luxurious Saphir ballroom and two boardrooms set the stage for business affairs dripping in opulence. An outdoor terrace, a sprawling 1,345 square feet, awaits to host receptions of up to 150 guests, framing gatherings with the coastal charm of Rabat.


Unforgettable Moments

And for those special occasions, the Saphir ballroom transforms into a canvas for memorable weddings and events. It's not just a space; it's a backdrop for creating moments that linger in the heart.


In every corner, in every detail, Conrad Rabat Arzana crafts an experience that transcends the ordinary. It's not just a hotel is the best luxury hotels ; it's a celebration of design, a symphony of services, and an invitation to indulge in the essence of Moroccan luxury. Welcome to a world where every moment is crafted to be extraordinary.


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Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 11
Project type:
 Hospitality and Residential
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 22
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 33
Plot area:
28,435 sq.m. 
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 44
Number of keys:
 120 keys
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 55
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 66
28, 603 sq.m. 
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 77
Development cost:
 USD 265 million
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 88
Project status:
 Completed (2022)
Conrad Arzana Resort, Morocco 99
Project components:
  • Hotel Guestrooms, Suites, VIP Villas 
  • Residential buildings (4 Nos)
  • Offices
  • Public swimming pools, plunge pools, private pool 
  • Aqua Park
  • Kids centre
  • Meeting rooms
  • Ball room & Bridal Room,
  • Gym
  • Supermarket
  • All day dining, Speciality restaurant, Tea bar & library corner & Scene bar on the pool