ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles

ALM Mixed-Use Development: Where Seychellois Serenity Meets Modern Living

In the serene embrace of Anse La Mouche on the Western coast of Seychelles, the ALM Mixed-Use Development emerges as a harmonious fusion of nature and modernity. Positioned amidst the hills, ALM draws inspiration from the essence of warm, authentic living and the allure of a contemporary suburban retreat.

Nestled in Nature

The uniqueness of ALM lies in its integration with the natural landscape. Situated in the hills of Seychelles, the real estate development becomes a testament to the art of blending into the environment seamlessly. It's not just a location; it's a canvas where architecture harmonizes with the tranquility of the Seychellois hills.

Sustainable Living, Seychellois Style

ALM doesn't just promise residences; it promises a lifestyle. Residents find a haven of sustainable living, where every structure aligns with the eco-conscious spirit of Seychelles. The goal is not just to build homes but to create a sustainable community that respects the delicate balance of this tropical paradise.

Holistic Experience for All

ALM is more than a real estate residential; it's a holistic experience. For residents, it offers a haven of warm, honest living. For visitors, it provides an enriching escape, inviting them to immerse themselves in Seychelles' natural beauty. It's a place where the rhythm of life is set by the gentle waves and the whispering hills.

Authenticity Over Opulence

In a world often defined by excess, ALM takes a different approach. There's no room for unnecessary grandeur. Instead, the focus is on authenticity – an abundance of experience and a sense of unbounded discovery. It's not about flashy displays but about creating moments that resonate with the soul.

Welcome to ALM Mixed-Use real estate development , where Seychelles' hills cradle a community that embraces warm, honest living. Whether you call it home or seek an enriching escape, ALM promises a unique experience, where the true luxury lies in the simplicity of Seychellois serenity.
ALM: A Haven of Boundless Freedom and Harmonious Living

ALM, situated on the southwestern coast of Seychelles' main island, Mahé, transcends the traditional concept of living. It's not just a real estate development; it's a platform meticulously designed to empower moments that evoke an exhilarating sense of freedom.

Freedom Unleashed

ALM aspires to break the shackles of the ordinary, offering residents and visitors a landscape where boundaries blur, and every day is a joyous exploration of both place and self. It's about creating a space where the everyday transforms into extraordinary, and freedom becomes the very essence of existence.

Nature as the Muse

Inspired by the natural landscape that surrounds it, ALM is a testament to careful craftsmanship. It serves as a platform for the transformation of both man-made and natural environments, creating a symbiotic relationship that celebrates the innate beauty of Seychelles. ALM isn't just built; it's curated to be an extension of the lush paradise it inhabits.

Harmony of Lifestyle and Nature

ALM pioneers the union of lifestyle and nature, forging a bond based on mutual support and respect. It's a cherished place where residents belong to an eclectic community that strives for harmony between the natural and physical world. It's a retreat that seamlessly marries contemporary cosmopolitanism with the serene embrace of Seychellois nature.

Inspiration and Well-Being

More than a physical space, ALM is an inspiration to the region. It's a beacon that instills a sense of renewed creativity in its visitors and residents alike. In the arms of ALM, there's a shared sense of connection, a space for heightened well-being. It's not just a real estate development; it's a philosophy that shapes a lifestyle.

Location and Context: Seychellois Tranquility

ALM's canvas is the extensive shallow bay of Anse La Mouche on Mahé's southwestern coast. This part of the island, away from the bustling tourism hubs, is characterized by tranquility and low development density. It's a canvas where residential communities coexist with the natural beauty of Seychelles, creating a harmonious backdrop for ALM's vision.

The northwest coastal strip, including the capital city Victoria and Eden Island, acts as the center of real estate development on Mahé. Here, a lively mix of residential and commercial offerings defines the landscape. ALM, in its unique location, stands as a testament to Seychellois tranquility and the harmonious coexistence of modernity with nature. Welcome to ALM, where freedom, harmony, and well-being converge in a haven of boundless possibilities.


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ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 1
Project type:
Mixed-use (Hospitality, Residential and Retail)
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 2
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 3
Plot area:
818,000 SQM 
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 4
80,575 sqm
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 5
Number of keys:
Hotel 120 keys, Branded Apartments 29 units, Regular Apartments 99 units, Condominiums 12, Townhouses 29 units and Retail 20 units
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 6
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 7
Development cost:
USD 360 Million
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 8
Project status:
 Under construction
ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles 9
Project components:
  • Canopy by Hilton 
  • Hilton branded apartments
  • Regular apartments
  • Retail village
  • Beach club
  • Staff housing
  • Affordable housing
  • Utilities complex and sitewide infrastructure