ALM Mixed-Use Development, Anse La Mouche, Seychelles

A unique location embedded in the hills of the Western coast of Seychelles, ALM takes its inspiration from warm, honest living and a contemporary suburban retreat. This allows residents both a sustainable home life and visitors an enriching escape. Residents and visitors enjoy the authentic setting without pomp or flash. Rather the focus here is an abundance of experience and a sense of unbounded discovery.
ALM seeks to provide a platform to empower moments that provide an exhilarating sense of freedom. Freedom to remove the boundaries from the everyday and create a landscape of joyous exploration of place and self. Using the natural landscape as inspiration, ALM is carefully crafted to provide a platform for the transformation of both man-made and natural environments. ALM reconciles lifestyle with nature, marrying the two in a bond of mutual support and respect. ALM is a cherished place to belong to, it is an eclectic community focused on creating harmony between the natural and physical world, retreat, and contemporary cosmopolitanism. ALM can truly claim that it acts as an inspiration to the people of the region, imbuing visitors, and residents with a shared sense of renewed creativity, and the space to connect and in doing so instill a heightened sense of well-being for all.
The subject site is located at Anse La Mouche (an extensive shallow bay of approximately 1,700 m), on the south-western coast of Mahé, the main island of Seychelles. 
Apart from the north-western part of the island with the main tourism hub Beau Vallon and Bel Hombre, the west coast is rather quiet and with low development density. Residential communities with a few smaller shops and guesthouses and various international hotels are located on that part of the island. 
The north-western coastal strip of Mahé, including the capital city Victoria and Eden Island, can be considered the center of development with an active and lively mix of residential and commercial offerings.


Project type:
Mixed-use (Hospitality, Residential and Retail)
Plot area:
818,000 SQM 
80,575 sqm
Number of keys:
Hotel 120 keys, Branded Apartments 29 units, Regular Apartments 99 units, Condominiums 12, Townhouses 29 units and Retail 20 units
Development cost:
USD 360 Million
Project status:
 Under construction
Project components:
  • Canopy by Hilton 
  • Hilton branded apartments
  • Regular apartments
  • Retail village
  • Beach club
  • Staff housing
  • Affordable housing
  • Utilities complex and sitewide infrastructure